001·About Timbuy

We buy timber for the Danish wood industry

Timbuy A/S is one of Denmarks main importers of further processed wood. Our annual purchasing volume is more than 170.000 cubic meters.

We are responsible for the purchase of spruce and pine to the five companies behind Timbuy A/S in addition to other services related to the purchase of timber.

The purpose of Timbuy A/S is to purchase total economic in the right quality and develop new concepts for the cooperation between the owners of Timbuy A/S and the suppliers to benefit all parties involved. A win win strategy.

002·What we buy

You sell and we buy

Timbuy A/S buy large quantities of certain types of timber. If you can deliver the right quality we are interested in negotiation with You.

We buy:

  • Spruce Sawfalling planing quality 25, 32, 38 and 50 mm, special dried to 12% moisture.
  • Spruce/Pine. Packaging quality 16, 19, 22 and 25 mm and battens. KD 56°/30 min.
  • Pine Finger Jointed components for windows and doors, knotless with a high content of heartwood, special dried to 12% moisture.
  • Spruce T 15 and T 22 sorted for construction gluelam, 34, 38, 40, 45, 46, 50 mm, special dried to 12% moisture.
  • Spruce U/S-VTA ext cladding, centerfree, special dried 18%+/-2%(min 16%), 22/25/32/38/44/50/63 x 100/125/150/175/200 mm, LP
003·Contact us

Timbuy A/S

Nørreballe 94,
8832 Skals

Jack M. Vasegaard,
Managing director

Phone +45 2722 0066


A strong partnership for all parties

The purchase cooperation Timbuy A/S is owned by five independent wood industries, who does not compete directly with each other.

Timbuy A/S has a large number of important international contacts in the timber industry. Through this network we are able to keep optimizing the purchase to the Timbuy industries, eventhough they have very different requirements and needs.

The focus of Timbuy A/S is to optimize the value chain for as well the owners as the suppliers.